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Making and eating maple is one of our oldest food traditions. Both sweet and savory, maple is a "secret" easy-to-use ingredient that adds unique flavor and complexity to almost any recipe - breakfast, lunch and dinner - all year round. Coombs Family Farms offers you the Maple Kitchen! Come back often for the latest maple news, maple recipes, cooking tips, and much more!

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Pure maple syrup is not just great on pancakes and waffles, it's perfect for grilling, baking, and desserts. A little maple from Coombs Family Farms will turn ordinary recipes into delicious delights!

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Tap into the latest about maple from Coombs Family Farms! From syrup grading to how to tap a maple tree, you will find a bucket of information about maple. Are you a member of the Press? Take a look at our Press Room for press releases, background information, media coverage, and more.

Maple Sugaring: More Profitable Than Logging?

According to at least one farmer, tapping forests for maple syrup is more profitable than logging those same forests.  in a profile in the UP Second Wave, Mike Rudyard, owner of Michigan Maple Farms on the upper peninsula in Michigan, says maple syrup producers can expect to make 7.5 to 10 times more annual income from sugaring than from logging. Of course, logging and sugaring do not represent an either/or choice.  Selective logging of high-value... More »

2015 Maple Syrup Crop Report

June 17, 2015 In 2015, spring came late. On our farm the snow was deeper than usual, with four to five feet of powder, which made trudging through the woods unusually difficult even on snowshoes. The harsh, cold winter drifted through March and into April, creating a late start to the maple season. We started boiling later, and until the last 10 days or so were afraid that the season wasn’t going to turn out... More »


Real Maple Syrup Extract Boosts Antibiotic Efficacy

As we posted last week on our Facebook page, scientists have discovered that real maple syrup has immune-boosting properties that the fake stuff just can’t touch. Researchers at McGill University in Toronto found that phenolic compounds found in maple syrup produced a strong antimicrobial effect when combined with antibiotics.  “We were excited to see synergy,” said Professor Nathalie Tufenkji, who led the study.  “The preliminary results are promising.” As first reported in the Journal of... More »

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