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Making and eating maple is one of our oldest food traditions. Both sweet and savory, maple is a "secret" easy-to-use ingredient that adds unique flavor and complexity to almost any recipe - breakfast, lunch and dinner - all year round. Coombs Family Farms offers you the Maple Kitchen! Come back often for the latest maple news, maple recipes, cooking tips, and much more!

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Pure maple syrup is not just great on pancakes and waffles, it's perfect for grilling, baking, and desserts. A little maple from Coombs Family Farms will turn ordinary recipes into delicious delights!

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Tap into the latest about maple from Coombs Family Farms! From syrup grading to how to tap a maple tree, you will find a bucket of information about maple. Are you a member of the Press? Take a look at our Press Room for press releases, background information, media coverage, and more.

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You are what you eat. That expression carries a different weight in today’s world. Grocery consumers are faced with new decisions like never before: organic, local, gluten-free, nut-free, sustainable. And now consumers are called upon to consider choosing GMO foods vs. non-GMO foods. What does GMO really mean anyway? And, how much does it really matter? Let’s explore the inner workings of GMOs, and why their story impacts you. What are GMOs? You’ve probably heard... More »


The ABCs of Maple Syrup Grades Then and Now

Since the maple industry’s beginning, maple producers within the United States, Vermont, and Canada have each used different rules, different grades, and different terminology to describe their products. This fragmentation led to industry challenges and increased consumer confusion. New legislation is about to change all this. To understand the reason for this coming change, let’s take a look at the current maple syrup grading system around the world. Different grades of Maple syrup are produced... More »

Looking for real maple syrup?

Looking For Maple In All The Wrong Places?

The next time you’re in a grocery store, take a trip to the syrup aisle. Quickly scan the shelves – does it appear that all maple products are pretty comparable? Each product’s packaging likely has natural undertones and maybe a few graphics that convey purity. At first glance, you might be convinced that all syrups are on the same playing field. But they’re not. While some syrups are in the right ballpark, some don’t even... More »

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