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Making and eating maple is one of our oldest food traditions. Both sweet and savory, maple is a "secret" easy-to-use ingredient that adds unique flavor and complexity to almost any recipe - breakfast, lunch and dinner - all year round. Coombs Family Farms offers you the Maple Kitchen! Come back often for the latest maple news, maple recipes, cooking tips, and much more!

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Pure maple syrup is not just great on pancakes and waffles, it's perfect for grilling, baking, and desserts. A little maple from Coombs Family Farms will turn ordinary recipes into delicious delights!

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Tap into the latest about maple from Coombs Family Farms! From syrup grading to how to tap a maple tree, you will find a bucket of information about maple. Are you a member of the Press? Take a look at our Press Room for press releases, background information, media coverage, and more.


Holidays Are Better with Maple Syrup!

There is always that one night, poised on the tipping point between summer and fall, when you need that blanket. In that subtle shift, our minds transition from thoughts of beaches and watermelon slices to downhill skiing and steamy mugs of hot chocolate. We begin to get butterflies in our stomach in anticipation of the holiday season that is suddenly just around the bend. Once that reality sets in, visions of crisp cold mornings, cozy... More »

Maple Leaf Candy

Allergy-Free Maple Candy is a Perfect Treat!

Childhood treats have always been a favorite reminder of our younger years. Whether it’s ice cream, cookies, cake, or pie, we all remember our “go-to” sweet tooth favorites. However, today’s world is filled with “off-limits” allergen foods and parents are faced with an entirely new set of decisions and challenges making treats anything but easy. So, is there really any such thing as an allergy-free sweet treat? Is there any candy or confection out there... More »


The Crunchy “Summer of Granola” or … How to “Unleash Your Inner Hippie”

Jody Nagel’s business story begins in 1969, in the “summer of granola.” Her mother Samantha (formerly known as Florence before a 1960s-inspired name change) whipped up her first batch of granola. Over time, the batches evolved with new ingredients and new techniques, raising the bar of deliciousness each and every time. Many years later, she gave the 45-year old family recipe to Jody. Jody soon started creating her own batches, relishing in the delight of... More »

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