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Welcome to the Get Real blog by Coombs Family Farms! Here’s where you’ll get all the updates on our quest to protect small farms, to promote the benefits of real, local food, to warn you of the dangers of eating food that’s created in a lab instead of by nature, and of course, to talk about how much we love our favorite real food – pure maple syrup. So treat this like a plate of pancakes in the morning, and dive in! (And be sure to come back for seconds, because we post new stuff regularly.)

Maple Sugaring: More Profitable Than Logging?

According to at least one farmer, tapping forests for maple syrup is more profitable than logging those same forests.  in a profile in the UP Second Wave, Mike Rudyard, owner of Michigan Maple Farms on the upper peninsula in Michigan, says maple syrup producers can expect to make 7.5 to 10 times more annual income from sugaring than from logging. Of course, logging and sugaring do not represent an either/or choice.  Selective logging of high-value... More »

2015 Maple Syrup Crop Report

June 17, 2015 In 2015, spring came late. On our farm the snow was deeper than usual, with four to five feet of powder, which made trudging through the woods unusually difficult even on snowshoes. The harsh, cold winter drifted through March and into April, creating a late start to the maple season. We started boiling later, and until the last 10 days or so were afraid that the season wasn’t going to turn out... More »

Real Maple Syrup Extract Boosts Antibiotic Efficacy


As we posted last week on our Facebook page, scientists have discovered that real maple syrup has immune-boosting properties that the fake stuff just can’t touch. Researchers at McGill University in Toronto found that phenolic compounds found in maple syrup produced a strong antimicrobial effect when combined with antibiotics.  “We were excited to see synergy,” said Professor Nathalie Tufenkji, who led the study.  “The preliminary results are promising.” As first reported in the Journal of... More »

We are Non-GMO certified!

You are what you eat. That expression carries a different weight in today’s world. Grocery consumers are faced with new decisions like never before: organic, local, gluten-free, nut-free, sustainable. And now consumers are called upon to consider choosing GMO foods vs. non-GMO foods. What does GMO really mean anyway? And, how much does it really matter? Let’s explore the inner workings of GMOs, and why their story impacts you. What are GMOs? You’ve probably heard... More »

The ABCs of Maple Syrup Grades Then and Now


Since the maple industry’s beginning, maple producers within the United States, Vermont, and Canada have each used different rules, different grades, and different terminology to describe their products. This fragmentation led to industry challenges and increased consumer confusion. New legislation is about to change all this. To understand the reason for this coming change, let’s take a look at the current maple syrup grading system around the world. Different grades of Maple syrup are produced... More »

Looking For Maple In All The Wrong Places?

Looking for real maple syrup?

The next time you’re in a grocery store, take a trip to the syrup aisle. Quickly scan the shelves – does it appear that all maple products are pretty comparable? Each product’s packaging likely has natural undertones and maybe a few graphics that convey purity. At first glance, you might be convinced that all syrups are on the same playing field. But they’re not. While some syrups are in the right ballpark, some don’t even... More »

Is Maple Water the New Must-Have Beverage?


It’s hard to believe that something as simple as water could change over time, but it has. The last decade has introduced new water variations that have made waves across the beverage industry. From sweet to nutritious to colored (even black), water has never been so interesting to consumers. And now, maple has joined the water mix, prompting the question: Is maple water the must-have drink for 2015 and beyond? What is maple water, exactly?... More »

The Wide World of Natural Sweeteners


If your New Year’s resolution includes making wiser (and healthier) food choices, Coombs Family Farms has a few sweet tips for you. A great way to rid your diet of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), artificial sweeteners, and chemical additives is to switch to the wonderful world of natural sweeteners. Best of all, the switch is easy to make and delicious! The sweet round up There are four go-to natural sweetener essentials that are easy... More »

Maple Sugar Makes Your Favorite Holiday Recipes Even Better


It’s so important to fully stock your kitchen as the holiday season approaches. At any given moment, you’ll need to whip up some holiday treats. This year, why not mix it up? Instead of using traditional white granulated sugar, look to something that raises the bar a bit. What is 100% natural, richly sweet, and a perfect alternative to other forms of sugar? Maple sugar! If you don’t know much about maple sugar, or haven’t... More »

Maple Holiday Treat and Gift Basket Ideas


Forget the fruitcake this holiday season – it’s time to give your friends and family delicious gifts they’ll really enjoy. And what do people love year-round, especially during the holidays? Maple, of course! This mouth-watering ingredient is perfect for all sorts of gifts for everyone on your list. We’ve provided some gift basket suggestions to start you on your way! Do you know your maple? Before you pull together your gift baskets, do you know... More »


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