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Maple Sugaring: More Profitable Than Logging?

According to at least one farmer, tapping forests for maple syrup is more profitable than logging those same forests.  in a profile in the UP Second Wave, Mike Rudyard, owner of Michigan Maple Farms on More »

2015 Maple Syrup Crop Report

June 17, 2015 In 2015, spring came late. On our farm the snow was deeper than usual, with four to five feet of powder, which made trudging through the woods unusually difficult even on snowshoes. More »

Is Maple Water the New Must-Have Beverage?


It’s hard to believe that something as simple as water could change over time, but More »

How Mother Nature Fooled the Bears


Legend has it that many years ago, too many to be counted, Mother Nature taught More »

Does Climate Effect Maple Syrup Production?


As you may know, we’ve started featuring an “Ask Arnold” series on the Get Real More »

Morning on a Vermont Maple Farm

Feb issue

Be sure to pick up the February issue of Country Living, inside which you’ll find a multi-page entertaining story featuring Arnold Coombs. Recipes include Maple-Citrus Salad with Coconut, and Sour-Cream Pancakes with Maple-Pecan Butter!

How to Tap a Maple Tree

Ever wonder how to tap a maple tree? Here’s a step-by-step guide that explains all. Now, go find a maple tree.

Maple Syrup Season is Here


We’ve started tapping? The sun is out, the temperatures are up and spirits are high as the conditions continue to improve.

More Maple Syrup Industry Memorabilia


We hope you enjoyed the post last month on the culture of maple syrup and would like to share a couple more historic objects from Arnold Coombs maple syrup industry collection.

New England Winter


Temperatures are freezing this week, the snow is falling, and it’s winter in New England. Pull on the thermals and lace up the snow boots, pack on the layers, wrap yourself up tight, and head on out.

Maple Syrup Industry Memorabilia

old ad

The unique traditions of sugaring in New England have been documented verbally and in written form for decades by producers, home cooks, families, producers, and business persons. Here are a few items from our collection.

Snow and Maple Syrup


Here’s a childhood favorite that adults still enjoy!

The Maple Story


Wondering what to read next? How about a book on the history of sugaring, or maybe one filled with maple recipes. Here are some of our favorites.

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