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Holidays Are Better with Maple Syrup!

There is always that one night, poised on the tipping point between summer and fall, More »

Allergy-Free Maple Candy is a Perfect Treat!

Maple Leaf Candy

Childhood treats have always been a favorite reminder of our younger years. Whether it’s ice More »

The Crunchy “Summer of Granola” or … How to “Unleash Your Inner Hippie”


Jody Nagel’s business story begins in 1969, in the “summer of granola.” Her mother Samantha More »

Thirsty For a Real Maple Liqueur?


If you’ve ever wished for a beverage that tastes like pure maple syrup fresh from More »

Father’s Day Gift Guide


Looking for something for your special guy? Here are 5 great ideas…our very own Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Thomas Jefferson

Here are some fun Presidential Food Facts from John Adams drank beer or hard cider for breakfast, Abraham Lincoln loved gingerbread cookies, and Thomas Jefferson stocked his cellar with maple sugar.

Snow and Maple Syrup


Here’s a childhood favorite that adults still enjoy!

Cabin Fever


The words “maple syrup” fall so easily in line with words such as breakfast, snow, New England, and cabins. When pouring that golden goodness on your pancakes or waffles (oatmeal or french toast…) does your imagination ever take off to a cabin set back in the woods?