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Label Transparency Goes Mainstream

It may have started with the Millenials, but according to Phil Lempert The Supermarket Guru, the Clean Label movement has...

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WGBH’s Jim Braude Asks, “Can It Be Maple Syrup If There’s No Maple In It?”

WGBH in Boston takes up the issue of truth in labeling.

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Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association Asks FDA to Crack Down on False Labeling

On Tuesday, February 16, the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association (VMSMA), in conjunction with maple syrup producers in Vermont, New...


Clean Labels: What Do Terms Like “100%” and “Pure” Mean?

Continuing our series on the Clean Label Initiative, today we look at the claims “100%” and “pure”. Just what does...


Clean Labels: What Does “All-Natural” Mean?

In our Clean Label series, we’ve already written about “Is ‘Natural’ Healthier?“. Now, let’s look at the terms “all-natural” and...


Clean Labels: Do You Know What These Ingredients Are?

Take a look at the label on the right.  Do you know what all those ingredients are?  Some are just...


Clean Labels: Is “Natural” Really Healthier?

Paracelsus said, “The dose makes the poison.”  By this, he meant that virtually any substance is “toxic” (meaning, causing death) in...


Maple Syrup: The “Clean Label” Sweetener

There is a growing trend in the food industry toward “clean” labels. The term is s nebulous one, but in...

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