Is Maple Water the New Must-Have Beverage?

It’s hard to believe that something as simple as water could change over time, but it has. The last decade...

The Wide World of Natural Sweeteners

The Wide World of Natural Sweeteners

If your New Year’s resolution includes making wiser (and healthier) food choices, Coombs Family Farms has a few sweet tips...


Maple Holiday Treat and Gift Basket Ideas

Forget the fruitcake this holiday season – it’s time to give your friends and family delicious gifts they’ll really enjoy....


Holidays Are Better with Maple Syrup!

There is always that one night, poised on the tipping point between summer and fall, when you need that blanket....

Maple Leaf Candy

Allergy-Free Maple Candy is a Perfect Treat!

Childhood treats have always been a favorite reminder of our younger years. Whether it’s ice cream, cookies, cake, or pie,...


The Crunchy “Summer of Granola” or … How to “Unleash Your Inner Hippie”

Jody Nagel’s business story begins in 1969, in the “summer of granola.” Her mother Samantha (formerly known as Florence before...


Thirsty For a Real Maple Liqueur?

If you’ve ever wished for a beverage that tastes like pure maple syrup fresh from the farm, we’ve got some...


How Pure Maple Syrup Helps Grow Healthy Kids

What we eat as children shapes much of what we eat as adults. This is why it’s so important to...

Maple Sugar shack

The History of Maple Syrup: From Early North American Days to the Present

Walking through the woods this time of year, the sugar maples are easy to find with their vibrant red leaves....

Our Top 5 Holiday Recipes Using Vermont Maple Syrup!

Our Top 5 Holiday Recipes Using Vermont Maple Syrup!

All it takes is a little maple from Coombs Family Farms to turn ordinary recipes into memorable dishes that your friends and family will be raving about for years! Here are five of the best crowd-pleasing holiday recipes with maple syrup that you can prepare for your upcoming celebrations.

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