Small Farmer Advocacy

Supporting  Family Farms

34698407jpg_2094026560_oCoombs Family Farms is one of the few companies remaining in the maple industry that is both a producer and a packager of maple syrup and maple products. We are as invested in supporting the growth of the category as a whole as we are to ensuring our own positive, sustainable growth.

We source maple from over two thousand small independent family farms that share our commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, and sustainable forestry management. We also farm our own land, produce organic maple syrup, and package our own pure maple products – a rarity these days.

As we have grown, we have worked hard to help our neighbor farmers grow, too. Our support goes beyond simply purchasing their maple syrup. We also provide much needed preseason equipment credit, training, and resources to help independent small farmers meet today’s challenges. This helps them maintain their family farms, and helps our communities thrive while keeping this important lifestyle alive for future generations.

Coombs Family Farms Supports Small Independent Family Farmers by:

  • Buying maple syrup from thousands of small family farms. (Meet some of the farmers who sell to us.)
  • Providing farmers with badly needed cash flow. Our company offers preseason credit for necessary equipment such as evaporators, health spouts, tanks – virtually any equipment needed by cash-strapped farmers – in exchange for maple syrup at harvest time. The result is that more family farms are able to stay in business, more land remains open, and local economies and traditions are strengthened.
  • Conducting free training seminars and an annual Open House that covers subjects such as maple forest management, responsible tree tapping, using energy-saving reverse osmosis evaporators, working with low-impact vacuum tubing, and producing value-added maple products such as candies and sugars, and more.
  • Thinking creatively about new ways maple can be used – opening new markets, marketing creatively, supporting retailers with innovative programs and materials – Coombs is growing the maple category and helping more small farms sell more syrup.
After all, we're small farmers too.

After all, we’re small farmers too.

“Maple sugaring represents a traditional, economically important, and sustainable use of northeastern forests. Sugar production maintains ecosystem services, provides jobs for rural communities, and supports tourism through its direct and indirect benefits. Current worldwide demand for maple products is steadily rising with demand outpacing supply.” 'The Future of the Maple Sugar Industry in the United States: Assessing the Growth Potential Based on Ecologic, Economic, Demographic, and Public Policy Factors', by Michael Farrell, Cornell University
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