Answers to common questions about maple syrup production:

When is the maple season?

The maple season lasts from mid-February to mid-April. A good maple season has many warm days followed by nights that dip below freezing. The season is over as the sugar maples bud.

Is anything added to Pure Maple Syrup?

We do not add any other ingredients to our maple syrup, maple sugar, or maple candy.

Storage: Do you need to refrigerate maple syrup once opened?

YES. Once the container is open, maple syrup should be refrigerated. Once in contact with air, mold could develop if the product is not refrigerated. Keeping your maple refrigerated also reduces evaporation.

Why is there a grading system for maple syrup?

The grading system helps to organize maple syrup by color and flavor profile. The system also assures uniformity among all maple products, no matter what state or province they are produced in. The system helps guarantee a grade A product at retail and facilitates communication with consumers by including the color and taste class on the label.

Why is there a change in the maple syrup grading system?

To ensure a uniform grading system for maple products covering every producing state and province in North America.

Is one syrup class better than another?

No. The classes are not graded according to quality. Grade A syrup is divided into 4 classes, each with its own intensity of maple flavor, as well as its own special characteristics and applications. All syrup sold at retail is Grade A syrup, while Grade A Very Dark/Strong syrup is used mostly as a food ingredient. Consult the maple syrup grades for more info.

Do your products contain allergens?

NO. Our maple syrup, maple sugar, and maple candy do not contain any allergens as recognized by the regulatory authorities of the USA, EU, and Canada.

Do your products contain gluten?

NO. Maple syrup, maple candy, and maple sugar contain no gluten.

Are your products kosher?

Yes, all of our products are Kof-K certified.

My Maple Stream is clogged. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Yes, check out this short video that will have you streaming away in no time.