Grades Describe Color and Taste

Real maple syrup is Grade A (with four classifications):

  • Golden Color and Delicate Taste: With a light-golden hue, this delicate and mild tasting syrup is a favorite on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, and more.
  • Amber Color and Rich Taste: This amber colored syrup has a full-bodied and rich flavor. This grade is great as a topping and in coffee & tea.
  • Dark Color and Robust Taste: Stronger and darker than the lighter grades, this has a robust and substantial flavor that is ideal for grilled, glazed, or baked dishes. (Formerly known as Grade B.)
  • Very Dark Color and Strong Taste: This strongest maple syrup flavor is typically used as an ingredient for flavor and sweetening.



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Try out a few grades and see for yourself how much better your favorite meals can be with maple syrup!