Why Maple Syrup Is Not Just For Pancakes

Why Maple Syrup Is Not Just For Pancakes

The Wall Street Journal just released a video covering 2016’s record-setting harvest and highlighting uses for maple syrup other than...

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Label Transparency Goes Mainstream

It may have started with the Millenials, but according to Phil Lempert The Supermarket Guru, the Clean Label movement has...

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WGBH’s Jim Braude Asks, “Can It Be Maple Syrup If There’s No Maple In It?”

WGBH in Boston takes up the issue of truth in labeling.


America’s Test Kitchen Rates Coombs Maple Syrup “Best”

Recently, America’s Test Kitchen host Christopher Kimball did a blind taste test of several syrups on an episode in season...

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Maple Syrup: Economic Engine of Vermont

The University of Vermont Center for Rural Studies recently released a report commissioned by the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association...

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Does Maple Syrup Prevent Alzheimer’s?

As if anyone needed another reason to eat maple syrup, the same folks who previously presented a paper on the...

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Vt. Congressmen Peter Welch Speaks on Truth-in-Labeling

On Thursday, March 3, Vermont Congressman Peter Welch (D-At Large) spoke on the floor of the US House of Representatives...

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Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association Asks FDA to Crack Down on False Labeling

On Tuesday, February 16, the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association (VMSMA), in conjunction with maple syrup producers in Vermont, New...


Clean Labels: What Do Terms Like “100%” and “Pure” Mean?

Continuing our series on the Clean Label Initiative, today we look at the claims “100%” and “pure”. Just what does...


Researchers Identify Molecule with Anti-inflammatory Properties in Maple Syrup

In an exciting development for maple syrup lovers and epidemiologists alike, scientists in Quebec have isolated the molecule in maple...

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