Small is a big idea.

To support small farms
is to support healthier futures

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Pure maple grades are changing.
Pure maple syrup isn’t.

All you need to know about the
new grading and labeling system

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Get real. Taste the truth.

If it’s not pure maple syrup, it’s
not maple syrup.

Our Maple Products

Taking the long view.

The Coombs family has been tapping trees and producing 100% pure maple on the family farm we’ve lived on and worked for seven generations. We support small family farms because they provide exceptional tasting maple, and also because small farms strengthen rural economies, preserve important ecosystems, and help to protect a way of life that is increasingly under threat. And that’s no drop in the bucket.

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Organic Maple Syrup

All Coombs Family Farms organic maple products are certified organic by the Quality Assurance International (QAI), and carry the USDA organic seal.

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Pure organic maple sugar: nature's original sweetener.

Pure Maple Sugar

Maple sugar is a 100% natural alternative sweetener long prized for its unique flavor. Try our maple sugar in baking, in rubs and marinades, or on fresh fruit.

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maple candy: New England's secret treat

Pure Maple Candy

Arnold Coombs’ grandfather perfected his recipe in 1925, and now this same tasty recipe has been passed down from grandfather to father to son.

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