Small is a Big Idea

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Seven generations of nurturing the forest all boils down to this. Click on the image to taste for yourself.

In the seven generations that the Coombs family has been in the maple business, farming has changed dramatically. Small family farms have been largely replaced by industrial agriculture, with significant consequences for the environment, our rural communities, and the quality and safety of our food. As tradition has been traded for convenience, the connection we feel to our food and where it comes from has been eroded.

Closeup of a tap

Closeup of a tap

At Coombs Family Farms, we support small family farms because we believe they provide more than high quality food. They help restore those lost feelings of connection and meaning by providing opportunities for us to play a more fully-engaged role in determining where the foods we eat come from, how our food is produced, and how it gets to our table. Small farms also strengthen rural economies, preserve important ecosystems, and help to protect a way of life that is increasingly under threat.

Bruce and Arnold

Bruce Bascom and Arnold Coombs

By choosing Coombs Family Farms products, you are helping to sow the seeds for a healthier, more sustainable society. That’s no drop in the bucket.

Coombs Commitment

We are committed to producing high quality maple products and protecting our forests. Learn more about our environmental commitment.

About Our Small Family Farmers

Each and every one of the farmers who supply our organic maple syrup are certified organic by the Quality Assurance International (QAI). For Peter Rhoades, organic farming is more than a source of income – it’s a cherished way of life. Learn more »

Seventh Generation Farmers

Since the mid-1800’s, the Coombs family have been acting as responsible stewards of the forest, following a ‘sustainable’ approach to agriculture long before anyone had a specific name for it – or could conceive of any other way to farm. Learn more »

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