Reconstituted Maple Syrup For Camping

Here at Coombs Family Farms we thought we had heard of everything when it came to maple syrup, but we recently heard of another ingenious use for maple sugar: making maple syrup! Yes, that’s right–just as maple sugar is simply maple syrup that has been boiled until virtually all the moisture is removed, maple syrup can be thought of as reconstituted maple sugar. Since this natural product has only one ingredient (well, two, if you count water), it can go back and forth between solid and liquid form.

You may wonder why anyone would go to the effort to make maple syrup from maple sugar, but we’ve been hearing reports of people taking maple sugar on camping trips and then reconstituting the syrup as necessary. Not only does this save volume, but it also obviously means carrying less weight– always a consideration when you are carrying everything on your back!