5 Points You Should Know about Deceptive Packaging

  1. Log Cabin Syrup (manufactured by Pinnacle Food Groups) was recently confronted by federal legislators and Vermont Maple Organizations in regards to their deceptive package design (made to look like Pure Maple Syrup).
  2. All food and beverages are required to list the amount of sugar they contain on the nutrition label, but they are NOT required to specify how much of the sugar is in the form of HFCS.
  3. The FDA does not regulate the words “all natural” on food packaging unless it is describing specific ingredients.
  4. Even before the deceptive Log Cabin packaging was released, more than 3% of artificial syrup users believed Log Cabin syrup was pure maple.
  5. In the state of Vermont, it is illegal to label any product “maple” unless it contains 100% maple syrup.