Cabin Fever

The words “maple syrup” fall so easily in line with words such as breakfast, snow, New England, and cabins. When pouring that golden goodness on your pancakes or waffles (oatmeal or french toast…) does your imagination ever take off to a cabin set back in the woods?  The kind with piles of wool blankets, Adirondack Chairs or just any old comfortable wooden chairs on the porch, a stone fireplace, and trees and grass as far as you can see?  A dirt road taking you further off the main path to a remote location where cards are played by candlelight and fireflies can be spotted as easily as the constellations with no light pollution to hide them. There is an innocence and sense of adventure there. A place where you are a child again and a plate piled high with pancakes, fresh blueberries, and maple syrup is going to get you through the next several hours of hiking, swimming, chopping wood, snowshoeing, fishing, and any other old thing you feel like doing. Time stops and families sit down to share a homemade meal. This is one of the places maple syrup belongs.

Top photo unknown.  Middle photo weheartit. Bottom photo Dunton Hot Springs.