Maple Syrup Friendly Food Blogs

A lot of people go online to talk about the meal they just ate. But, some go a little further. Rather than simply talk about their meal, they are photographing how they cooked it, and creating a site specifically for showcasing it and the other meals they cook/eat. Food blogs have become so popular, there are international conferences where bloggers can get together in person and online (with all the folks that were not able to attend, but are signed in) to talk about what they eat, cook, write about, photograph, and so on and so forth. This is the time of the food blogger. Primarily people who are home cooks and foodies.  There are many good food blogs out there, and some great ones. Here are a few you might enjoy.

Smitten Kitchen – A home cooking weblog from a tiny kitchen in New York City known for beautiful photographs.  Her recipe is chocked full of delicious dishes with maple syrup as a core ingredient.

nutmeg-maple cream pie

Orangette – Written by author/Bon Appetit columnist Molly Wizenberg, the blog is one of the older food blogs (started in 2004), and focuses on Molly’s life in and out of the kitchen (hers and the one she runs with her maple syrup loving husband Brandon at the popular pizzeria Delancey in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle).

A delicious maple syrup based recipe from the early days.

101 Kitchen – Heidi Swanson started her blog in 2003 when she looked up at her huge cookbook collection one afternoon and realized that instead of exploring the different books in her collection – she was cooking the same recipes over and over.. Her blog is full of healthy vegetarian recipes and an occasional post (always accompanied by beautiful photography) of her travels. Heidi organized a list of her favorite sweeteners, and maple sugar and maple syrup are both on it.

Top photo Smitten Kitchen, bottom photo Orangette.