Maple Syrup Grades Explained

Have you ever wondered about the different maple syrup grades?

All maple syrup grades are determined by color. There are five USDA maple grades, including three Grade A’s (light amber maple, medium amber maple, dark amber maple) and two darker syrups, Grade B maple and a commercial maple grade. Contrary to popular belief, maple syrup grades do not indicate a difference in quality or purity. Not unlike wine, all have distinct flavors and tones.  When buying maple, choose the right grade for which you intend to use it – and pair it. As a rule, the darker the color, the stronger the pure maple flavor.

Grade A Light Amber – A very delicate maple flavor

Grade A Medium Amber – A stronger, yet mild maple flavor

Grade A Dark Amber – Robust maple flavor, great for cooking, grilling, and on oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, glazes, etc

Grade B – The heartiest maple grade, and a perfect ‘secret ingredient’ for adding deep, dark flavor tones and subtle sweetness to your favorite gourmet recipes.