Label Transparency Goes Mainstream

It may have started with the Millenials, but according to Phil Lempert The Supermarket Guru, the Clean Label movement has gone mainstream:

However, consumers’ desire for information regarding the food they eat extends beyond reading labels.  A recent study conducted by Harris Poll and commissioned by Digimarc Corporation stated 78% of respondents want more information about a product after reading a description on its package in the store. Today’s food manufacturers are tasked with providing clear and consistent product information across all communication channels to shoppers.

In the complex and competitive grocery aisle, consumers now have more product options available to them than ever before. While product offerings have expanded, consumers are increasingly seeking healthier food items and demanding increased product transparency in the food and beverage marketplace. What must manufacturers do to address the changing needs of consumers? One essential is to provide expanded and accurate product content to shoppers while they browse and shop online.—Susan Sentell, President and CEO, Gladson
At Coombs Family Farms, we are not only producers in our own right, we are also advocates for the industry as a whole, with particular focus on the role the maple syrup industry plays in maintaining a connection to food sources and the people who produce it.  We work with farmers, providing equipment and training to ensure sustainable yields well into the future.  But we also hope to educate you, the consumer, about all the health benefits of choosing maple as a sweetener (whether it’s maple syrup’s effect in the struggle against Alzheimer’s, its  anti-inflammatory properties, its synergistic effect with antibiotics, or the fact that maple syrup is a good source of antioxidants) as well as how by buying Coombs family Farms maple syrup you are supporting small family farms.

So, our question to you is, how can we do this better?  What would you like to know about?  Would you like more feature pieces on our producers?  More on the latest research into the disease-fighting properties of maple syrup?  Please let us know in the poll below:

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