Why the New Maple Syrup Grades Were Created

Beginning in 2014, you will notice that there are new syrup maple grades on your favorite products. This is a result of maple syrup grade changes recently approved by the Vermont legislature. These new maple syrup grades, recommended by the International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI), will apply to both the Canadian and United States markets.

The maple syrup grade changes were proposed with the consumer in mind. While grading maple syrup is based on density and translucence by Canadian, United States, and Vermont standards, the actual grades descriptions differ somewhat. As a result, “the current grading system is confusing and misleading,” says Arnold Coombs, Seventh Generation Maple Farmer and Director of Marketing and Sales for Bascom Family Farms, “The number one question I get asked is what’s the difference between the grades?” The new international grading maple syrup standard is designed to alleviate any consumer confusion and make it easier for consumers to buy pure maple syrup products.

Enjoying the New Maple Grades with Your Favorite Foods

You can easily discover your favorite flavor of pure maple syrup within these new maple grades. The proposed new grades are illustrated clearly on our Maple Syrup Grades page and contain references to the original grades for comparable flavors. Each new grade will have its own unique flavor profile, as well as endless culinary possibilities. No matter what your maple preferences are, you will find superior flavor and quality in every bottle of Coombs Family Farms 100% pure maple syrup. Coombs Family Farms will stay true to our commitment to quality. Our organic maple products are certified USDA organic by and all Coombs Family Farms pure maple syrup products are K-of-K Kosher certified. With seven generations of experience under our belts, you will taste the difference! Try some today!